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I have been a journalist and editor for more than 20 years, starting in Melbourne and then working in London, New York and then back to London before returning to Sydney on a new adventure.

I have covered events as diverse as Wimbledon, 9/11 and the Oscars.

I have also interviewed dozens of A to Z listers – some successfully, like Brad Pitt, and others not so successfully like Dracula star Gary Oldman who tried to make me agree that yes he was my uncle (he played Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald). Gary, you were very entertaining.

Celebrities, willingly, have given me some of the most memorable moments of my life. Thank you to them for the lavish shoots, holidays in their homes, rides in their limos and a pretty good taste of life in their rarified world.

I have never wavered from my love of celebrity gossip – I have always wanted to know the very latest on who is doing what to whom. I have never met a celebrity who didn’t intrigue me and if you’re wondering, they are all likeable in their unique way.

I love the biting, don’t-miss-a-thing, obsessive attention to detail of celebrity life and we have plenty of opportunity to explore that.

I like my news fast, funny, sexy and sorted and I aim to apply this technique to all information offered here on life, what moves me and of course celebrity.

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